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I am a training coordinator at a surface coal mine. I have loved writing since I was old enough to pick up a crayon and write.
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The last 6 months of my life have been a roller coaster of mishaps, tragedies, joys, and letdowns. Ihave struggled to maintain a lifestyle that wasn't great to begin with and the journey showed me what was important and what wasn't
I had stated that I would keep people updated on my progress with using the principles from "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. Unfortunately I was derailed when my mom passed away earlier this month, so I thought I would write about that instead.
Looking at Obama's foreign policy and how it is weaker than people would like. The decisions he has to make, going forward in Iraq and Afganistan are difficult and he has not had a strong history of foreign policy dtrength.
I have decided to try out "The Secret" and the principles that supposedly lead to wish fulfillment by using the law of attraction. I will utilize the principles and report each week if these work or if its all a bunch of "wishful" thinking.
Most people don't know what creepypastas are,but they have sprung into the spotlight with the recent stabbin g in Wisconsin. This is an article about what creepypastas are and aren't. What they promote is scaring it's readers witless, it doesn't say to stab your friends or try to hu...
I am saddened and shocked the miners in Turkey were neddlessly killed by an explosion in Soma mine. These deaths should never have happened and we need to stand together and tell the industry in countries like Turkey, China, Romania, and others that there is no amount of coal worth a...
In the world of presentations as a way of passing out information. Most people have a pre-disposition to what PPT presentations will do for them. People see them as a way to waste time and typically they aren't very helpful. This piece should help you "jazz" up the presentations and...
I have delved into the world of studying for a test and have found that I no longer possess the skill to effectively study for a test. I feel a float in a sea of uncertainty and shame. It's too late to go and refine my learning muscles so I'm going in a wish and a prayer.
I have been experiencing more strangeness in my room. I want to find out what it is and what is causing it so I am conducting experiments. I will continue to update as i find out.
America needs to stand up to Russia and show them that we are not willing to accept being provoked by warplanes and illegal lkand grabs. We need to reassert our place in the world.
People ask how I reconcile religion with believing in ghosts. Here is a short answer to those who wonder how.
A look at demons, devils and possession. Looking at the comparison to mental illness and how to disern the differrences.
DO genies really exist in the world today? We look at the history of the Djinn, another form of what we think are genies. We look at where they come from and how many types there are of these mythological creatures.
What exactly is the paranormal report about Black eyed kids and what are they supposed to be? look into the history and the myth about the latest internet scare.
This is a personal story about how I was violated by a loan company that ended up taking all my money that I had saved for Christmas and how I was too simple minded to believe someone giving me their word might actually lie to me. I thought that given the season, then later separated...
Watching the controversy swirl around Phil Robertson and comments he made in an article in GQ Magazine, make us question what are first amendment rights mean and if punishing someone for exercising those rights is the road we really want to travel down
The "selfie" picture President Obama, PM Cameron and Dutch PM Schmidt took at Nelson Mandela's memorial elicited a firestorm of comments and recrimination from the media.
A look at why Time Magazine can predict the future of the world through their selection of "Person of the Year".
Following Obama's remarks on healthcare reform, we shouldn't go back to the way we were. But neither should we go in the direction of the Affordable Care Act.
I submitted this story as a response for content. They liked the story, but said it was not realistic, which it isn't but they didn't say it had to be realistic. Anyway, I wrote it and I didn't want to waste it, so I'm publishing it here. It was about expressing feelings in 140 cha...
People will brave injuries and even death to save money on Christmas presents.
Has OJ finally begun paying for a crime he got away with in 1995.
A personal comment on how life can pass without us really having the opportunity to make each time we see our loved ones count.
A look at the stormy past or relations with Iran and how it affects the rest of our relationships in the Middle East
Our political leaders and especially the President, continue to find new ways to decieve us. Even though the media and pundit bloogers wll most likely find the truth or contradiction by the next day.
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