Jeremiah Castelo

Jeremiah Castelo
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Jeremiah Castelo is a songwriter, poet, and painter from Los Angeles, CA
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Recent pages by Jeremiah Castelo

An article addressing the possible reasons for the lack of awareness in important world issues. We don’t know because we don’t care, and we don’t care because we don’t know, if you will.
A Poem about God speaking to an unborn child about the dangers of the world he is about to enter and the importance of remembering where he had come from
A poem about God's faithfulness despite the barriers that our current human condition may present
A poem about reaction formation; ignoring the impending doom / replacing fear with joy
A poem about fulfillment. Longing for something inexplicable, searching in the most unusual of places, and finding it in the most unexpected of places
A poem about skin; it's intricacies, beauty, curses, and relationship to the world
A poem about excavating the willpower, however deeply within your spirit it may be buried, to overcome the adversity presented before you
An honest poem about sin, hypocrisy, judgement, and things most humans can relate to
A poem about the reality of ignoring reality, the blinding euphoria, and the relapse of reorientation.
A poem about wealth and delusions, the futility of worldly prestige, and the dangers of storing treasures in the wrong places
A poem about the frustration, desperation, and confusion of a child toward God
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