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I'm young writer focused on human abilities and health. Sometimes I also interested in nature,cooking,music and movies.
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Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
Describing my own opinion. After all I'll be glad to hear yours
How to prevent food poisoning when you choosing ham?
Oddly enough, but the more attractive peach looks, the more likely to pick up food poisoning.
Just funny schedule of the world's ending. What do you think about it?
Aug. 16 Colombian passenger plane Boeing 737 crashed on landing at the Colombian island of San Andres. As a result of the 121 passengers and 6 crew members one person died of a heart attack and 114 injured.
Boeing 737 - world's most popular narrow-body jet airliner. Boeing 737 is the most mass produced passenger jets in the history of passenger aircraft
In my opinion one of the most interesting subcultures of music.
Very interesting information in my opinion. Pyramid of Cheops is only one left of world seven miracles.
A pencil with this micro-compact gadget will allow you to draw lines as if you would use ruler.
Today I founded that many people saying about this song many facts. Which of them true you will choose...
The most rare and strange diseases. Some of them sounds completely weird.
The popular fizzy drink "flushes" potassium from the body.
This is the last part of my story about Rapa-Nui.. I This chapter i will describe civilizations end... (with Video)
As other civilizations Rapa-Nui have their own culture and specific economy. In this part I will describe their culture.
As in the most civilizations always will be one man or more which don't follow the leader...
This is a description and story of the civilization which is so close to our.. Civilization, which taught people a lesson.
Urban air, around which rampaged fires, poisoned by pungent smoke that gets into your lungs. But the damage from the smoke can be reduced.
In our region (East Europe) about three weeks is extremely hot weather. When you reading this description forests are burning... Sometimes heat can reach +40C.. So you will survive this summer if...
The Door in a Next World is Found Out near Luxor. Scientists believe that mystical stone door leads to next world
Some advices which will help you to avoid food poisoning while you wait for doctor.
Many people likes to watch TV most of their leisure time, but only few knows how to make it more safer for your health.
In the world there are many beers, some of them really weird and crazy. About those I will write in this content.
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