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Myself Champ, hailing from India, working for E n Y, this is totally new for me. I have been reading quite a few of them from various authors so i am still in my learning curve. Hopefully i will succeed in what i am doing !
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This poem is all about remembering my girl, those best days of my life. She meant a world to me as I still cannot forget her after all these years. I have written this poem for her as I always wanted to write a poem for my love and this has been my dream and here I have come up with o...
This is an article that I have written about the Legend 'The Wall' Rahul Dravid. A true cricketer , a true professional that all Indians would be proud of him being a part of the Indian team for almost 15 years.
This poem is about a friend who can turn out to be your best firend, who is unique in all possible ways, a type of friend who is hard to find from the crowd. Well, everyone has a best friend in their life and I am dedicating this to all those people who has that one unique friend, one...
This is a short poem that I have written for my girl to show her how much I care for her and how much I love her, for all its her presence that has made me stronger than ever before and how important it is for me to have her with me.
This poem is about Mother and the care that she shows to all of us. The love that she gives to all of us.
This article highlights the debacle Indian cricket team suffered after the world cup glory. Who are to be blamed for this and also the possible reasons for this debacle.
This article basically tells us about as to the reason why Arsenal have not been able to win a single trophy for the past 6 years. The reasons for trophy drought and what changes have triggered since then.
This page generally signifies what exactly men should be doing when dating a women. How do they really approach a women, and what exactly they should be doing to win womens confidence.
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