Ruby Hawk

Ruby Hawk
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I am retired.I read a great deal and write about anything that interests me at the moment.I hope you will drop by to check out my content, and I will visit yours when I learn my way around Wikinut. If you have any advice for me as a newbie I will appreciate your help. I hope to make many friends.
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During the 1940s this woman was known as the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a popular movie star and she was so much more that we never knew. She was born into a Jewish family living in Vienna in 1914. She was a stage and screen star and one of the Ziegfeld girls. I wont g...
No doubt about it, Cleaning the kitchen is a chore that we want to finish as soon as possible. The following tips will help you finish cleaning the kitchen and let you get on to more enjoyable possibilities.
I wrote this poem about growing up in a little brown house that sat at the foot of the mountain. My sisters, my baby brother and I roamed the fields and woods free as the birds and bees. We grew up poor and times were hard but some memories are imprinted forever and grow sweeter with ...
About an 1800 to a 2,000 calorie diet is healthy for the average person for optimum health. If you are of small stature you can subtract a couple of hundred calories or if you are taller you can add a couple of hundred calories.Always observe the correct portions. Most of us eat large...
We can exchange unhealthy food for healthy food. It's easy to do and it only takes reading labels and menus. For most restaurants we can go online to check the number of fat grams, sodium and calories. It does take a little forethought but for our health we should be glad to make tha...
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