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Mother of 2 grown up children. Been through depression and come out the other side. Life is wonderful. I love working on my self awareness and actualisation.
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Just want to share how I started writing songs to actually getting one published at the end of 2013.
What happens when you write a song? where do the ideas come from?
Songs I have written from 2012 to current day. Some are from poems, others from songwriting workshops, others just thought of at the time and place.
Looking forward to my new venture having bought a new caravan with a different company at a different place.
A quick poem written on a train journey which i intend to put music to.
A poem dedicated to a dear friend who helped me through a very difficult time. I came out the other side realising that what you see in another, is a reflection on who you are. This is now another one of my songs recently written and soon to be recorded.
My beautiful caravan is situated in Minehead Somerset. There are so many places to visit, the caravan is an ideal base. There are so many things to do on site at Butlins too. I have listed some places and things to do below. My web site is included with all details to contact as well ...
My dad passed away in November 2007. I miss him greatly still. The poem was written shortlly after his long agonising death but recently I have re written some of it and composed it as a song which is being recorded with me playing and singing.
What was I afraid of? Why was my life so stagnant and uninteresting? Here's how I learnt to change my whole life...
Having been through depression amongst other things, I have now come out the other side. I enjoy life and look forward to all life brings me. I want to give you hope too if you are still stuck in that black hole!
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