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I am a Published Author of Wings of Emotions Vol I & II.
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Random thoughts reflecting the soul of an individual when he/she is thinking about something they have done and they have no control over.
This is one of the poems from my poetry book Vol II - Wings of Emotions.
Every woman dreams of her wedding, the dress, the cake and walking down the aisle to be with the one she is in love with. “Oops!!! Marriage, you scare me”. Does this ring bells? Most of us are scared of getting married.
Don’t let kids have all the fun this Easter. Luckily, you do have some fun making basket ideas for adults. Don’t settle for an ordinary basket when it is considered to be the quintessential part of holiday celebration.
So, you want to relax and feel great being at home but do want to experience the world? A couple of things I jotted down today would do some good.
Planning with simple effective ways helped me complete my first book. Maybe, these can help you get hold of up to some extent.
This is my on-going exquisite journey with Wikinut and would love to share with you all.
This is an Indian dish for potato lovers especially and who wants to have something cooked quickly and easily of course.
Vitamin B12 is rich in giving health which is lot more worthy than being rich. “How many of us know why we need to take these multivitamin capsules or eat food that is rich in those”? Very few I guess. From my view, I only know that if I take these vitamin capsules, I won’t fall...
"Can the pink fruit, so fleshy and ripe while we gulp during summers do so much good for our health in our daily life"? Rather than fussing about taking medicines that are sour and bitter, better get our health straight with few of these sweeteners.
Just a piece of note for someone i love so dearly and feel good when he is with me.
Tender feelings to fall in love is all about being in love.
As usual, I am not going to write about any tips and tricks to get rid of anger. It is a sort of any other expression like how we worry we get angry. Like how we feel happy and laugh or smile, same way we get angry. This is a piece of work wherein I have bundled my personal experience...
Love can be the best thing that ever happened to me a long time ago. Was I dreaming,no one knew Or maybe I had been dreaming for quite sometime and its time to break the ice and tell him the way I want to be the one woman in his life, married happily ever after, after all these years ...
I love him and I will go on. I told him and he told me and there is nothing better in this world rather than hold on to him forever.
My thoughts about the one I love or I must say that I am writing this while my thoughts still ponder in a perplexed way about whether he is the one man in my life or could it be that there is no limit for our thoughts when we start thinking about anything and anyone.I think many women...
I love to have green grapes rather than the black ones. Whether green or black, no matter what the color is, grapes do us favor in improving our health in a tasty way just like mangoes with the exception that grapes don’t increase heat or temperature in our body.
I felt like this about him this morning and didn’t bother to give second thought about not writing.
Fruit that can taste yummy and juicy and in between make us feel very pulpy giving our skin a fresh look is MANGO, the Mangifera indica. Indians especially love mangoes and ofcourse my favorite fruit is mango, the reason why i am writing about.
All of us hear about the social networking hype that is created and how people are attracted from all over the world.
Everyone of us who are in love or relationship for a longer time and your love parts away, intense feeling of missing emotion turns up.
Here are simple steps which can help us have the best strawberry smoothie on a very sunny day, especially in India.
A page from the dairy of a women deeply in love but confused and lost with many thoughts and mixed emotions.
I had no idea whatsoever and what to say when he left without the slightest gesture. I felt lighter and my mind and body swayed entangled with memories and moments, when i first met him after years.
“Have any of us ever give thought as to how apples can help us keep ourselves healthy”? We do know what bananas and other fruits do to keep us fit. Apple being rich in many nutrients and vitamins, the fruit has invaluable gift to keep us healthy. Whether you are an adult or child...
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