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I have been a Police Officer for over 28 years. I love writing articles on, "How Not to Become a Victim", Human Nature and Health / Fitness.
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The meaning of love has been studied, debated and argued about since time began. Everyone has an opinion and thought of what love is, but what is it not?
We fear them, we dislike them, and we do not understand them. Officer Scott Hallock sheds some light on how to understand Police Officers.
Breaking up or being dumped by someone you love is hard and for some, it can seem impossible to get over. How long does the heartache last? When will I be over it and back on my feet?
Here is my meaning of a true friend. Please share yours, at the end.
Officer Scott Hallock gives tips on preparation and safety to help you prepare for a safe and more enjoyable travel.
The concept of a citizen's arrest is not to thwart Law enforcement and take the law into your own hands but used more as an emergency or temporary solution to stop a crime.
There is a basic character of human nature instilled in all of us to want to give and help other people. No matter who you are, rich or poor, happy or sad, good or evil, every man, woman and child thrives on these needs.
Writing a letter to a loved one and expressing honest, sincere and heartfelt feelings has an eternal power. By your own hand, pour out your heart on paper declaring your love. Who knows, your letter could influence generations to come?
Officer Scott Hallock explains how, when and why you should call 9-1-1.
Officer Scott Hallock sends out a reminder about common everyday safety precautions a person should take based on the event's Police, Fire and Medical personnel respond to on a daily routine.
Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is the key to a long, enjoyable and quality life. Living by these daily habits will assure you a healthy and fit body, mind and soul.
The readers of this article have the advanced intelligence to grasp the concept that the subconscious mind sees, hears and is aware of everything whether it is symbolic, not directly visible or fully audible to the conscious mind.
Is it possible to be a modern day Good Samaritan with all the theft, frauds and dishonesty out there? Yes, as long as we educate ourselves, are aware of our surroundings and use the resources available to us.
When a relationship comes to an end, many times one or the other person cannot accept it and end up doing some of the most senseless and stupidest things out of desperation to try and get back together or for revenge. C’mon people, what are you thinking?
Why are superheroes so popular, especially among young people? Parents, you will not be surprised at the answer.
“Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating, or theft”. (Source: Wikipedia)
Officer Scott Hallock explains what not to carry inside your wallet or purse to avoid becoming a victim. Most things we carry simply are not necessary to carry and would be safer left at home.
Stalking is not your fault. Stalking is a crime...a crime you can do something about.
Robbery is such a cowardly act, a violation of human dignity and a very traumatic experience to say the least ...unfortunately not even a veteran Cop is exempt from becoming a victim of robbery …last week as I was jogging on the street I was robbed at knife point and here are the st...
Officer Scott Hallock explains "How to Avoid a Stop Sign Ticket". Stop sign tickets are one of the most common Traffic Citations there is and ranks up there with “Speeding” and “Red Light” tickets.
In my research of ‘how to’ walk across the USA I have learned that this is not just an ordinary walk. This is a trek that will definitely take planning, preparing and training.
Spending countless hours in the gym is the now considered the “old way of thinking” and a huge waste of precious time.
Do you call the Police to report the crime or just let it go? Am I obligated to call the Police? Can I just cut my losses, forget about it, move on and not get the Police involved?
Your body adapts to any prolonged periods of the same routine so give your muscles a great wake up call and try this six minute workout.
Putting a stop to a noisy neighbor takes the right moves and some cooperation on your part. The time it may take to get to the stopping point may be well worth it.
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