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I think of myself as a friendly person, I am down to earth, out-going. I enjoy writing poems in my spare time, it helps me cope with my feelings and it gives me a chance to explore more about myself.
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When you fall in love but that person doesn't feel the same about you.
Poem about love when it's much more than we can handle.
When you love someone, what they do hurts a lot more than when someone else does it. You want to forgive them and maybe forget what happened but sometimes, they hurt you so bad, you can't let go of what happened in the past as easily as you wish.
poem about the thought of being in love with two individuals at the same time and trying to choose one
poem about having feeling about someone you know or you think you can't have in your life
poem about passion, love and lust for someone very special in my life
poem about wondering what being together is all about and having expectations change as time passes by and remembering how everything started
poem about spending life with someone you love, no matter what happens
First time I write a poem that has a darkness to it. I didn't know I had so much dark in me. It might be too much for some people but I like this poem because I'm being honest and I'm trying to say that humans are not perfect and that we all have an evil side and a good side, and we...
My opinion on the always present phrase 'Can't always get what you want'.
Simply getting over anything is not easy. But it seems the women are always the one getting over everything.
sometimes you feel nothing is on your side, and at times like these you wonder if anything is worth it in life
When you are in love, you simply can't deny it, it shows without you saying a word.
I'm trying to figure out who i am and what i want in life.
it is really hard to learn the lesson from being in love, especially if you get hurt.
I know what I want, I just don't know if that person exists.
A bad experience with an ex-boyfriend. Because of him I know that at that age (teenagers), boys only want one thing, even if they deny it.....
Looking back at when I met my husband and how we fell in love.
Missing my husband a lot while he is away in deployment. Hardest thing I've gone through in my life.
sometimes people can see things in us we oursleves can't. If we did we could be able to love ourselves just as we are.
Sometimes you fall for the wrong person and it is not easy to realize it and knowing you have to let go if you want to be happy
A little poem I put together using the title of a few songs from my favorite artists The Backstreet Boys
just trying to describe how I see myself and going with it
I love the feeling of being in love and everything that comes with it, so I just let it inspire me into writing from my heart
Sometimes you need to know what that person is willing to do for you to show they love you and care about you......
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