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AIDS is a deadly disease that has claimed the lives of 30 million people round the world since its discovery in the early 1980s. It is a disease that affects people of all ages regardless of race, sexual orientation, cultural background, or socioeconomic status.
We all knew the four basic types of blood. But did you know that many people had died in the past because medicine did not knew that it is bad to mix the different types of blood?
I bet many of our youth today (and adults as well) was not able to learn (or forgotten) that besides the alleged wide-spread cheating during the 1986 Snap Election, there were other smaller things happened during the days of February 1986 which give a spark to the Filipino Masses to t...
Do you know when was the first occasion to which all women of the right age in the Philippines are able to exercise their right to vote in an election? And did you know that it took more than 5 house bills in a span of more than 30 years before all legal age women are allowed to vote ...
It is very sad to know the current condition of our natural resources. It is slowly been depleted and now on the blink of extinction. And many of our natural resources, plants and animals that are endemic to our country is not critically endanger.
All of the three bills below aims to give harsher penalties to the violators. The sad news is that, after more than a year since its filing, all of these bills are still pending on their respective forum and are labeled as “Pending in the Committee”.
Many of us Catholics may say that Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines twice and those visits were on 1981 and 1995 respectively, then many of us were not entirely correct. The truth is that Pope John Paul did not only visit once or twice but rather three times.
In my last article entitled “Condition of the Philippine Environment Today”, I ended it with a question “How can we help in restoring and conserve the natural resources of our country so that the next generation will continue to benefit from it?” This article will intend to gi...
Living in a tropical country has some advantage as well as disadvantage. And here in the Philippines, the number 1 cause of death amongst our citizen is not by the dreaded diseases such as AIDS or cancer but rather the seasonal appearance of dengue fever. This article is intended to g...
No matter how delicious your food is, when it was not prepared or handled the right way, will lead you to illness. Find some time to read some basic tips in avoiding food contamination during storage, preparation and cooking.
While most of this causes are unintentional, our handling and storing of these harmful material can lead to spills and contamination of our environment which will result in the destruction of the ecosystem and worst death.
This article aims to give the readers a brief explanation of the Greenhouse Effect” by understanding what a “greenhouse” do and also the effects of Global Warming. It also discuss the four major sources of greenhouse gasses as well as the man-made contributors of it release to t...
Homework can be very frustrating for many students. Here are some tips on how to develop a habit of doing homework.
Wondering why a four-leaf clover and the horse shoe supposedly bring good fortune to a person. Or a black cat or broken mirror brings the bad one. Many of us still believe these omens without even knowing the story behind its creation.
Many of us are amazed with all of the material things that we have today, while others are seeking amazement to other people. But the fact is, our entire human body is full of wonders that we did not know about.
If everybody expects that someone will do the first act of care, then everyone is doomed.
Teaching your teenage children the value of abstinence in their effort to avoid the problems associated with early sexual activities.
In modern society, the issue of compulsory military service is a controversial one. Some people view this idea as a necessary service to do for the country. Others are definitely against it.
Whose rights are more important? Is it the humans or the animals?
A good sense of humor can get you out of a problem and into a solution. Simply finding the humor in a situation won’t solve a problem, but it can lead you in the right direction.
A four-part method of selecting a personal scent is a follows: - The Scent Secrets - Personal Chemistry - Layering of Scent - Potpourri
Score the perfect hairstyles by bringing the key elements in play such as texture, face shape even your lifestyle.
Helping others cross the street is a very simple yet overwhelming feeling. Try following these simple steps for guidance.
Employers search the databases by specifying the knowledge, skills, and experience they seek in a candidate.When you send your resume by e-mail, always use the Internet version of that document and follow this three-step process:
It is necessary and wise to prepare for emergencies in order for us to feel secure and safe.
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