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I will be pursuing a career in homeopathic medicine, as-well as a hobby herbalist in the passing years.

This means I study in natural medicines, and that I wish to construct an herbal garden(someday)
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Recent pages by Lelorbh

This is a write about the effects, and misconceptions of Cholesterol.
This article describes some important pieces of information about sugar that many people don't know about, and even fewer people actually take action to prevent.. Beef your brain up on the topic of Nutrition once more with the start of another one of my 15-article long writing spree...
A short read about the healthful effects of black pepper spice, and its tangible medical utility.
A description of the nutritional benefits of Beta-Carotene, and it's application as a medicinal.
A brief writing about the medicinal applications of echinacea, and some back-round information regarding the plant’s history.
A small writing about blackberries, I’ll include a summary of their antioxidant effects as-well as a couple of ways it may be medically applied.
A short article to summarize the medicinal uses of goldenseal, and a glimpse at its history.
This article summarizes what Melatonin is, how your body makes it, and its biological importance.
A description of Cinnamon's health benefits, and application as a medicinal.
A brief solution that prevents you from being eaten alive in outdoor activities, so you don't have to use caustic sprays or expensive candles(that work variably).
This article will provide a summary of the healthful effects of Iodine, as-well as an overlook of its medicinal utility.
This writing will entail a summary of healthful benefits attributed to consumption of turmeric, along with its medicinal applications.
General observations in regards to healthful benefits of vitamin D, and medical applications.
This article will give a brief summary of what health benefits can be attained from the consumption of Onions, a glimpse at the history of it's medicinal effects as-well.
This article is a brief summary of the healthful effects of ginger spice, and its medicinal applications.
This short article is dedicated to the healthful ways Garlic affects us, and how it's been used in the past.
This writing will entail a summary of the healthful benefits of Grapefruit, and its medical application.
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