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My name is John Nurse. A College Graduate and a preacher of the Gospel. I live in Central Kentucky
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I Thank You For every blessing that you have let me experiences the joys, the sorrows, the hard times and the good and the bad Blessings you Have bestowed upon me. Blessings seen and unseen
When it comes to the unnatural circumstances of matriculating and exploring the mindsets of strange acting people and what we can gain, we shy away and hurriedly close all entrances and doors. Think About This.
All at once I am alone and the hurt, the pain, and the loneliness seems almost more than I could even begin to imagine. What can an old man do but cry?
Be Faithful to God and to people and not be let down
This poem is for everyone that practice deception and who is skilled in lying and revel in their wickedness. To All Deceiving Hearts, Lying Tongues, Wicked Hearts Today Is Your Day To Repent. Tomorrow is Not Promised To You!
47 Years of love and all of a sudden tragedy in health, relationship, and faith trounced on, hope tossed aside, love torn in many pieces. Life has become a struggle just to stay together and hold on to my Annie Mae!
"Give Not Thy Strentgh unto Women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings."- See Proverb 31:3. Don't ever move into a place that is bossed or owned by a woman. Get out as quickly as you can! Why? The word of God says it best!
When Your Outgo Expense Exceeds Your Income Cents Then You Have Become A Victim Of Satan and His Demons Intents. Read this again very slowly and let it sink in. What does this mean in plain english? Simply stated it means that you should never spend more than your whole paycheck on a...
Fourteen people have been indicted, with seven held in Zurich on Wednesday. Fifa president Sepp Blatter, who is not among them, issued a statement vowing to kick out corrupt officials. Fifa also announced a "swift and immediate provisional ban" from football-related activity on 11 of ...
Jesus Christ said to us according to his word, "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest.- See Matthew 11:28 in the Message Bible. Life can really tire you out and when you are wor...
The love of money is like like a cancer. It makes some people terminal ill. Those who don't have enough, love of money makes them kill. Some fools that love money just cry, and money accumulators who says money talks but to the fools it only says goodbye.
At the end of each day it is the time for the moments that comes to you when you are thinking back over the day. Some things you wish you had done differently and some things you did right. There are last wishes, a last sigh and then sleep arrives.
I just had another review of my life during my sleep last night. I saw the good, the evil, the sin, and some of the right things that was done. All of it has made me to be ever so thankful to the LORD for saving me. God is good all the time and in every circumstance of life God is goo...
It is really an eye opening experience. Just a year ago, I could walk without a cane. I could even run a little. But today I can't hardly walk. It is like I am hearing a song we used to sing. The Evening Sun is going down. Truly it comes to us all.
This poem came to me as I was sitting out on a beautiful sunlit day and the cool breeze of the wind just caressed me. My mind instantly began to thank my God for all my blessings from heaven.
It takes the whole village (Preachers, teachers, parents who will work diligently and cooperatively working toward a common goal in making sure that no man, woman, or child be denied the spiritual and the secular privilege of reaching the highest level that they are capable of obtaini...
This is a poem about humanity's number one helper and it serves to remind us all that he is truly the one that we can put all of our trust in. He has never failed any one who put their faith in him.
Jesus was the Christ of God who walked among men on the earth that he created. He was the divine son of God, God in the flesh and yet he was the divine stranger in this world. As man he taught us how to please the Father and taught us how to live, how to love God, our neighbor and how...
The reason I will not be taking a vacation this year is I must put the LORD'S work first. I have been asked to Teach in Vacation Bible School and I must. The Lord's Agenda must always be first because he is my LORD and my Savior.
Young people usually follow the lead of those who are in the lead. They wear the clothing that the style producers suggests. When we consider who the leaders are today, we see messed up minds, hateful minds, and minds that are on destructive courses. Our outward appearances may look v...
We have good things, bad things, mediocre things, important things, unimportant things, things that matter to you, things that matter to me, cruel things, merciful things. happy things and sad things. Yes, all kinds of things happen in all the world
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but, I don't quit think so. That is just something that used to get the floors of the mindsets wet cause curious intelligence to become odoriffic with bad smell. I am just dropping by to see if anyboy has gotten paid on this site. If so will you...
Does music just entertain or increase milk production of dairy cows. The finding to date is still inconclusive but I am sure the cows enjoy producing to the music. What do you think? Here is an article that I read on the subject today. Enjoy!
I thank God for the grand privilege of prayer and I do pray daily. On this occasion I ask that all of you that believe in God and the power of prayer to join me and if you agree with me in this prayer when you finish type "Amen!"
My friend whoever and where ever you are You can see Jesus when you heed his call He is our joy, our Savior, and our Keeper Without Him this world has no hope all.
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