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Henry James
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Everything and Nothing. Writing whatever catches my fancy.
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Why do we like to take a time to dress up in ridiculous costumes in public, what is it that makes us do it?
Searching through the attic, there are always a few money making items. Perhaps the next 'antique' will be video games.
How can playing computer games and other mind games help you keep your mind?
There is nothing worse than a boiling hot day. Tips on how to stay cool.
Waking up and feeling that awful realisation and hazy headedness.
Use your holiday money to increase your wealth. Make it work for your while you’re away!
The internet and the self. How much can we risk putting online to foster honesty on the net without compromising our security?
Does it make us smarter or is it just a silly and infuriating plastic box of colours?
It seems they’re popping up everywhere. But is it legit?
The British comic duo appeared in a brilliantly funny film parody series called “Spaced” in the 1990’s.
In the aftermath of the World Cup, many people have seen the skill of “Keepie Uppies” displayed by footballers from accross the world. Is there any point doing it?
The Red Planet has once again offered the prospect of life.
In the old days of dial-up modems, the internet was only work tool. Downloading was slow, difficult and easily caught. Nowadays it’s a common activity.
The famous N64 game Goldeneye has had a revamp and been brought onto Nintendo Wii. Will it be any good?
The new discovery at Stonehenge offers more confusion for Archaeologists and Visitors alike.
Podcasts are a recent phenomenon and often downloaded for entertainment. However, you can also download thousands of educational podcasts. Free learning!
As a non American, I wanted to find out why the USA’s Baseball tournament is called the World Series.
After a break it's very difficult to get back into the swing of writing. Here are a few of my thoughts about it.
How do you motivate yourself to write? Is there a particular way you produce material? I’ll share a few of my techniques and ideas.
How to be a Spy and not get caught. James Bond on a Budget.
How to be a Rock Star with two strings and four notes. It's very simple.
Too many people think that fitness is about owning a gym card. Wrong! You can be just as fit without it!
After years of dominating the summer TV schedule in the UK, the reality show to beat all reality shows, takes it's final bow.
Buggles may have been right about the TV, but the internet gave the Radio a new lease of life!
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