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A writer and motivational speaker for 25 years I love sharing vignettes and examples from life that will lift, encourage, and inspire. I offer fresh, humourous takes on everyday experiences.
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Recent pages by ELLENOUTLOUD

Is something missing from your life? Meaning? A favorite pen? Estrogen? Ever put something in a special place where you'd be sure to find it... and then forget where you put it? Sometimes life helps you find what you forgot you were looking for!
Can drapes really change your life? Read how adding some paint and valances totally transforms one woman's kitchen and, sets the stage for the movers!
If you find yourself whining and moaning through another lunch, maybe it's time to review your choices. Dietary. Life. Life's too short to be unhappy with your lunch.
A 40 pound pup teaches one woman to trust again. Maybe letting our guard down makes it easier for love to find its way in. What do you think?
“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” – Imelda Marcos. Whether we admit it or not, inside every woman lies a compulsive shoe buyer. Everyone has there their own reasons, and it is probably wise to know yours. Do you? Here's mine.
In my last conversation with my mother she left a legacy of wisdom. 3 unforgettable life lessons.
Is it time to let out your inner ballerina? Wonder what all the fitness buzz is about? Could ballet barre be for you? One intrepid and fearless couch potato longs to find out!
By now everyone knows popular American Idol singer Angie Miller was cut. We all get rejected sometimes. We just need to remember a no is just a not now. A no is just a YES in infancy!
It's that time of year again, time to move sons and daughters home from college for the Summer or for a while, if they just graduated. It can be grueling and annoying or an opportunity to make a memory. What shall it be?
Need help getting organized? Getting Focused? Getting STARTED? This writer recommends a book that helped her channel her energies and finally GET THINGS DONE
Fate teaches a former executive the error of her ways.
Despite a rough start and rocky middle, a survivor of family and domestic abuse learns you can thrive and not retaliate. Sometimes you just need to walk away.
An former ugly duckling sees no reason we all can't be swans. A short article in praise of self-love and cosmetics. Get your sparkle on!
Can a daughter finally part with her late mother's diamond cocktail ring? Is it better to hang on to or release sentimental possessions? What do YOU think?
Group workouts are a lot of fun, but not for everyone. One grace and balance-challenged fitness groupie prefers to workout at home -- it's safer!
An impatient gardener learns that sometimes you have to wait for spectacular. A reminder to wait for the blessing!
A diner goes ballistic over an omelet. Who gets the grace? The diner? The poor waitress on the receiving end of the tirade? What would you do?
Every gets a song "stuck" in their head from time to time -- the one that plays over and over. Once in a while it's a good idea to PLANT one there. What's YOUR Anthem?
The secret to building a great team -- ANYWHERE? Build on each member of the team's strengths! Read more here!
After several scary experiences with mechanics, it's easy to develop AMP - Auto Maintenance Phobia. See what happens when a AMP-sufferer visits a tire center.
In a Cyber world paper address books may seem archaic but one woman found they symbolize permanence in a transient world.
A less than athletic woman learns there's lots of reasons to walk for charity and finishing a 5K is easier than you'd think!
A short humorous piece on living "ically" -- wanting more of everything out of life, from cupcakes to camisoles! A 1-2-3 format with lead-in, illustration, and life-lesson teaching point.
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