Socrates Pondiferous

Socrates Pondiferous
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Like to write. Never taken such a step. But the experience is a challenge. Likes to write poetry. also has affinity for comedy.
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Even though the intentions may be good sometimes things can go wrong
Yes sometimes thing happened coincidentally, but who can attest to the veracity
It is such wonder how one fascination can be transposed into one of such belief
It so amazing how someone can play upon a person's belief to their advantage.
It is always amazing in the name of business what one can be able to sell
It can be a surprise how two event can get so connected just by chanve
Sometimes when something seem to other so complicated. A little guide can be that alleviation.
This is something that happened and it was such a time for laughter.
Yes sometimes one should leave well enough alone, It may have some repercussions
How something said can be turned against you in the end
It is amazing how sometime people only equate travelling as going to a cold country
Well sometimes in desperation help can some to us from some strange quarters.
Just a portion of humor about a man going home with his table bearing it a great distance.
Yes how wives like to discuss their husbands' successes and jobs
Yes how appropriate names are when and can be transposed to a situation
Sometimes when we do something as an incentive it may be interpreted the wrong way
It is amazing how people do things an yet fine a way to blame another
Life is fool of fun and sometimes our fears can let us down
As they say it take all types of people to make a world
These are the moment when that trend of thought seems to be wipe out
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