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Hello, this is me, Redva Kaurvaki. I'm writing for online publishing site and my personal website. I love to write anything, especially is about quotes, health, website, poetry, news and more.
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The best time to get vitamin D from sun light is before 10am or before the sun shines too bright.
Would you go marrying your lover when your parent said NO? Would you go for love or your parent?
BMKG( Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Department ) assumed that water level will probably be increased as the rain still pour down from the higher level. This is sad news for Indonesian.
Black pepper contains ‘piperin’, a substance to increase secretion of hydrochloric acid in bounce which improves digestion system.
New Titanic in China will have 270m length and will be finished within two years.
When you find one or more of those five signs, you need to be careful. Keep your eyes on him and don't let him fool you.
Kissing in front of public or Public Display Affection is a BIG NO for Indonesian traditional culture. When [i]*First Published in Bubblews [link= ][b]“OMG.. They Kiss on The Fence!”[/b][/link] [/i] you caught on it, y...
Google is best friend for everyone. But we have to know whether the information we read is correct or not. Reading book from expert is good solution to get second opinion. You can even discuss with friend in forums to get third opinion.
Resolution is to make tomorrow is better and brighter than today and today should be better than yesterday. It's not about short dream, but for long and wide dream
How hurt love, sometimes it stays in your heart very long time. It’s not that you couldn’t find somebody else, it’s that you decide to love them remain the same..
You must say your love. Have no doubt about what you feel. Once you neglect it, you can turn back the time
Sooner or later, we will leave this world and come back to God for the eternity. You are not live for forever and The Death Clock will remind you about your death..
There’s strange feeling when I’m away from home. I miss those who were around me, a family and friends. This is a short poetry telling what my feeling that time. It’s one of my simplest poetry, but enough to tell you guys! Enjoy!
Before it's too late, let's say "I Love You" to your mom, dad, best friend, sister and brother.
People have opinion. It’s glad when it’s good to hear, but sometimes when they praise too high, but the truth saying no, there’s strange feeling..
When I was worked on my old company, there was a man who really loves to command other. He loved to ask other do his job and he was busy with his blackberry…
To give birth is wonderful process for every woman. It’s not always easy, full of pain and sometimes set you in frightened, but the moment when you hold your baby is incomparable with any pain in the world.
When I saw kid, sometimes there’s strange feeling in which I want to come back and stay there forever
Nobody’s perfect. You can put high expectation to anyone. This poetry is mean to say this.
Fall in love can happy to anyone. It’s easy to fall in love with beautiful girl, but you really have to know whether she’s single or married already ^_^
First Published on Princess Kaurvaki- My Official Website Also Published on Bubblews
When she remembered this incident she gets the important lesson: “Do not ever doubt yourself. You will lose!”
This poetry is telling you to say your love. If you love someone, don’t waste your precious time to not show your love.
DO you wear soft lenses? Will you dare yourself to wear various motifs of soft lenses? What about Hello Kitty on your soft lenses? Well, read more here…
The animal rule says they wouldn’t attack if they feel secure and not being disturbed. It’s not a movie line, but this Baboon attack really happen in Cape Town, Africa!
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