Tarrun Kumar

Tarrun Kumar
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I am a 9 year old who is trying to improve on the English writing.
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it is about These Trees! and trees.There are no character.
This is about Doughnuts and how they made Doughnuts .
it is about a Broken Perspective .The character are Mrs. Thimble.
this is about a person called liam who is studies in mrs. chomsky's class but chomsky is a strict teacher.
this is about a promise .The people that were in the the story are lance,Nathan
This is about a backyard visitor.there is visitor that come visit.
This is about a haunted tree then people try to invest the case
this is about the greeks about what they did like they regions
this is about it tells you about maps like a map is drawning an object seen from above such as our school, cities
this poem is about hurricane that is blowing and branches falling down , people running and how it affects the human lifestyle and style and how it destroys things.
This is when a team get to win a match and win a trophies.it is just a game
this is about when some people travel all around the world to spend their rime in different ways
This article is about health and how it can be maintained
This is a small page that can help people with tips about foods
this is my article about how i spent my holiday...
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