C. Michael Davis

C. Michael Davis
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I was raised on a cattle farm up to the age of 19. After Daddy died in 1964 mother sold the farm.
I greatly dislike the hatered between the races and how the media and certain organizations keep that hatered stired up to justify there existence.
I have a horrible fear of heigth. I have a close circle of friends consisting of about ten couples. I dearly love our five children and eight grandchildren. Lizzy and me are hoping to work on one of the hospital ships this coming year to better understand that mission work so we can complete our fourth book "Tuesdays Group".
I am college educated and well seasoned by by 66 years of life. Lizzy and I like to cook and have friends over. We enjoying sailing on a 30' sloop rigged sailboat named "Quest". We share the expenses of this boat with another couple.
I believe in friends, family and neighbors as being the strength of a nation.
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There is a growing gap between the ones who pay the taxes supporting America and those who wallow in wealth. That gap includes control of the government and brings us back to unfair taxation without fair representation. The current events prove that this is a good sign of a bad set ...
We need to be okay with who we are. If we can't believe in ourselves we will not be able to accept and believe in others either.
Who is really out of touch with what is taking place in America? I know many elected officials are, but what about you the tax payer. Are you making enough noise to get your senator's attention?
You who follow my work on this program have helped me move past a brick wall that has been in place for many years. I have not seen myself as a writer until I joined Wikinut. It is not the Wikinut program that helped me with the wall it has been you the followers who have made comm...
Cookie was just a little girl of fourteen and I was a young man of seventeen, but we had a powerful three years together as steadies. The real power was in the lessons learned during those years. The biggest lesson came through a broken heart and shattered trust.
Life is made up of many areas such as financing, education, our teen years and then there is learning about love. This is a preface to several love stories that had an awsome influence on my growing up and who I became. The importance here is not me, but the lessons of love.
Does anyone remember what the wise contributed to the fall of Rome? Is America folloing in the Roman footsteps?
Why have we lost the strong sense of community that once made America the strongest nation in the world? We were once the nation everyone borrowed from and now we owe China over $800,000,000,000.
The winds of Washington are shifting and many of those in Washington seem surprised because they were failing to pay attention.
The question that needs to be considered is not how, but who will you choose to invest in to protect you from the greed and corruption when you go to the polls to vote.
How well are our current ethics doing for us? First as a country, then as a business owner, and most important of all as individuals?
How does God get our attention? Could it be through His creation? After our trip to the Gulf area the third year after Katrina we noticed that some of the first things that were being rebuilt were the clubs and gambling casinos. No I am not suggesting any thing, I am merely asking so...
Dr. Christie Leigh is a young doctor who has visited Ghana several times to one particular village on the Volta River. This village can only be reached by traveling on the river. The living conditions at the village are very primative. The experience of Dr. Leigh with the young...
This is just as an exercise in writing about an imaginary trip.
Small farm communities were close knit. The racial issues of the early sixties weren't apart of growing up together with both races owning farms and depending on each other. Some words are ofensive to those who refuse to see the truth behind the evil misrepresented in the media....
There is a hand that weaves lives together to brings about solutions beyond our wildest dreams.
We all need a place to retreat from the rat-race. Family and friends are a wonderful gift.
Those managing any govenment must have the trust of the people. Too often those elected by the people forget the people and take off on their own agenda.
Why does the mainstream media always claim obesety is all the fault of the person that is obese? They recommend many solutions, but they never mention that growth harmones given to chickens, beef cattle, hogs and used in speeding up plant growth all moves up the food chain to humans.
Summer vacations at the beach for the young often lead to first romances. In many cases it turns out to be love found and love lost all in a couple of weeks. The lessons are deep and usually last a life time.
A child’s mental growth is developed and nurtured by a loving atmosphere, not by intellectual reasoning.
Learning to make good decesions as we grow through our younger days is critical to being ready to make the right choices later in life. Having a parent that helps us work though deciding which forks in the roads of life is very important. This story reveals the love and help of my Dad...
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