Milton Bruce

Milton Bruce
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I am a 28 years old man . I am married and I have got one child. I really lead a peaceful life . My hobbies are bowling , reading and of course WRITING. I write about everything because I read everyth
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The article shows some drawbacks of raising children by one single parent.
The article shows haw one can make money referring Net users to eBay.
The article shows how ebook writing can be a good sourceof a residual income .
The article revolves around some sales strategies such as commercial skills , positive outlokk , etc which are a prerequisite for the success of any selling profession.
The article provides a theoritical framework of emergent strategy as a method that is applied by business institutions to achieve their objectives showing the difference between emergent and deliberate strategies.
The article analyses the social , economical and political aspects that have affected multiculturalism in Canada.
The articles analyses the concept of charity in Britain and discusses its historical and literary dimensions .
The article analyses the reason why youth join gangs in the US, for affiliating the gang is the first step towards organized crime, and constitutes the basis to understand the phenomenon. In other words, it answers the question: what leads youth to affiliate street gangs in the US?
The essay shows the importance of the comparative method within sociology . It also shows how this method works .
The article shows the importance of dancing as an efficient method to link people with the ouside world socially but also psychologically speaking.
The article is about the role of documenting history through Tv programs and the way documentaries reframe our collective memory in a way that mixes between artistic techniques and real past events .
The article gives information about the negative roles some pharmacutical companies play in the treatment of AIDS in Africa .
the article sheds light on the continuity of traditional marriages in modern times despite globalization .
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