LoSt SoUlS pOeTrY

LoSt SoUlS pOeTrY
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I am a poet and philosopher,I have long since appreciated poetry the flow of words, which symbolise and reflect the thoughts and emotions which are illuminated through the poets mind.

To me po
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This poem reflects the thoughts of loneliness and waiting
A poem about separation drifting apart. Feelings emotions.
A poem about love and the many thoughts and feelings associated with its complex nature.
A poem about love, passion, lust, feelings, warmth, energy, unbridled promise.
This poem tells the story of existence from the shadows point of view.
Poem about the journey of life, shadow, shade, eclipse, ambient inclusion.
This is a poem about how life is not forever described by philosophical thoughts.
This is a poem about the life and journey of a bee as it floats through its daily life in search of nectar.
This is a poem about love and loss, I write my poetry in a lyrical fashion in the hope of being made into a song....
This is a transcript of emails sent to me over a period of time relating to a scam I almost fell for.....
A poem about love emotions and questions, desire and more.
This is a poem about myself, in this I've tried to introduce the rhyme and reason which inspires me to write.
This is a poem about being lost, alone, and avoided.
This is a poem about love, loss, tranquility, disruption.
This is a poem about the film 300. King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army
The enigma of life that begs the obvious question am I a cliche?
This is a poem about loneliness part 1. Of a series.
This is a lyrical rhyme following the thoughts of a restless individual
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