James McFee

James McFee
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James is a constant writer and author. He enjoys reading new books and trying to work new ideas into his story lines. He enjoys a good red wine.
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Dystopian books are a fascinating genre and loved by young adults because they have interesting elements of mystery, action, romance and adventure. The main elements of the best dystopian novels include an oppressive or overly regimental government or social system and degradation in ...
Divergent is a narrative about a teenage girl trying to find her way in the world; and a harsh world at that. It is set in a dystopian society where you must thoroughly prove yourself in order to truly belong. It is a place where difference is shunned and even punished. On close inspe...
A young adult goes through a lot on a day to day basis. In some of the instances they tend to seem confused and without a sense of direction in their lives. Through reading books, the young adults can be able to identify and learn of how to lead their lives more comfortably than ever ...
People who love reading books will tell you that reading is far more exciting than watching a movie because you can create all kinds of images in your mind of the storybook's setting and what the characters look like. Books are our best friends; always there to delight, entertain and ...
A bookaholic is a person who loves reading but the habit becomes an obsession.
Book trailers are video advertisements meant to promote books. This method is increasingly becoming the pillar of today's book promotion and marketing.
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