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I like nature , animals and the landscapes. I try to understand the true meaning of life which reflects in my works.
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The land lost with time, the land forgotten by kind, the land accessible to none. The journey of truth and discovery of oneself. Those who been there knows Ghibli.
Ever wondered whom to pray when having trouble with digestion or toilet ? I got answer for you. It might sound funny but well it works. Whenever you in such trouble just pray and have contract with Toiletnator and you will be just fine. Spread the word!
Best enjoyed in cool environment. Feel the chills and coziness of winters. Experience the landscape of mountains range. Hope you like it.
Anger is an emotion that counter backs any offense on the well being.Lets see what anger is.
The feeling at Night when you are alone.A slightest sound can break you apart.I hope you feel the experience of such stormy night again.Require your imagination to fully understand it.I have ignored rhyme scheme in this work.
Its all about Stupidity...It enters your life and make you irritate and angry.
The true feeling is hidden inside us.Desire , ambition , rage , happiness has different meaning than what we express.Desire is explained in the contexts.
Reindeer are real. They do all the work but none remember them. So here a small praise to them.
Wish you a happy new year. Lets make this year our planet better for nature and animals by not disturbing them.
Its a small story written quickly but if admired by readers then perhaps I can write its sequels. A story of a narrator having journey to the unknown routes exploring various stations and revealing the secret on the way.
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