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I am a poet who wants to share my works with the world. I'm a bit lazy, and sometimes, I may not post for awhile, but I hope to entertain my readers!

I will be posting poems on various topics!
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This is a poem I wrote after seeing a man smoking the same kind of cigarette I used to smoke, deep in thought, at the bus stop. The smoke looked so pretty and peaceful as it floated off the cigarette so I thought I'd write about it. I tried to be descriptive as to what I saw and how i...
This is a poem I just wrote today. I've always liked rabbits, so I decided to personify a person's struggle to the top as a rabbit's life, fleeting and thought-provoking! I wrote this in about 20 minutes with very little editing. Was just sharpening my speed-writing skills. I haven't ...
These are all poems that were meant to be songs but never quite...felt right when I played and sang them. So I removed the chorus, and touched them up to make them into proper poems, but kept the song title. I will add more as a touch more up! I have been working a lot lately. "Name ...
This is, unlike the "Poems On Life And Death" page that I posted, a page dedicated to poems about my personal life experiences. A couple of side notes: First, "Promises Went Up To The Sky" is an inspired title from a song titled: "Young Blood." Secondly, "Not The Same" is somewhat ol...
This is where I will put poems specifically about life and death. A lot of these, like most of my works, are born of spur of the moment inspiration. Enjoy!
Welcome! This is the complete poetical works of me! Working under the pen name Gannucard, I hope to entertain those who read my poems and share my works with the world!
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