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The main objective of this story is to teach kids of pre primary the concept of letter Z and its sounds.So, with the help of story we can teach them the letter Z and its sound easily as children are very fond of listening to story in a play way method.
home remedies for common cold,cough and even alegry due to pollution.
this story is all about the different fruits and the way we should encourage children as to how to eat fruit by telling them the benefits and presenting them in their own way.
its a short poems of pre primary children.they will surely enjoy this.
its the different way of teaching small kids with poetic form how the different type of technical equipments their way of understnding.So that they will enjoy and at the same time know the different features and how it works..
its about the sea water and its waves.Her we are trying to teach children the different creatures in sea with the help of poetic form.
the story is about crow and pigeon.In this story kalia the crow and bella the pigeon are two good friend who lived in a forest.Where the crow had his own nest and the crow knew how to make nest of his own while the pigeon never know till date.Here the story tells us about how inspite ...
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