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Geeta Rao
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I have a passion for writing articles. I mostly write on health and wellness and religion.
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Generally it is believed that heart care is not an area of concern for women since they do not face stress in life and also their hormones protect them. We often find very few percentage of women in India visiting cardiologists for regular check ups even if they have reached their mid...
As human beings we develop ego in our life in almost many situations i but handling our ego and keeping it under check is a very intricate one.
Man is not a born criminal but society compels him to become a criminal is what we generally believe. Circumstances propel a person to deviate from a socially acceptable way of life and become an anti-social element.
Food infection is something which can be avoided only by maintaining proper standards of hygiene not only in cooking but also maintaining a clean environment.
Sleep is an integral part of our life just like food and water. It is necessary for us to regain our lost energy and vitality which we loose in our daily mental and physical activities.
Marriage is a union of lifetime which brings in a lot of new responsibilities it is a start of a new chapter in every couples life. Having your children and raising them is a vital part of a relationship. Though, in present times woman are more focussed in their career but still when ...
Communication is a skill which even probably education may not help us develop. It is an art which we have to cultivate on our own. Failure in communication can ruin our relationships both at home and outside which even multiple degree holders may face in their life.
Oil is a very integral part of cooking just as spices and salt for seasoning especially in Indian style of cooking. Though we do not use excess oil owing to the awareness of cholesterol and weight gain problem it causes but still we have to use moderate quantities at least to make our...
A man and woman relationship is a very delicate and sensitive one. Love is no doubt an overriding factor between the two but, if love starts to fade then dislike and hatred creeps in and leads to abuse and domestic violence.
Sports is a very good career option for today's youth since it has become a very good lucrative profession. A sportsman becomes a star overnight when he brings name, fame and glory to the nation.
Health and nutrition are interrelated to have good health we need a nutritive diet, but when our diet and lifestyle go wayward we are bound to suffer from some serious type of health disorders.
In Indian cooking especially salt plays a very significant role. We just don't like to consume anything without the inclusion of salt be it our regular daily food, snacks, etc. Salt brings taste to our food and makes it worth eating we just can't imagine food without salt.
Chocolate consumption is no more a children affair endorsements of Cadbury companies are just trying to thrust it as an adult food item which has picked up and gifting chocolates among adults on special occasions has become a trend.
At the break of the day we all desire to be served by something which really peps up our mood and has a stimulating effect on us. What better can we have than tea or coffee which contains caffeine and other stimulating alkaloids which helps us to begin our new day with renewed vigour....
Water is used to quench our thirst no doubt but most of us are ignorant about what kinds of health problems can take place if the body is deprived of adequate amount of water intake.
The use of natural fertilizers was replaced by chemical fertilizers because it helped in large production at a cheaper rate with minimum loss. But, these conventional food crops also develops various types of health hazards not only to the cultivator but also to the consumer.
Obesity is a primary cause of many health problems and results in various health disorders.
Just as we require food, air and water for survival we also need sufficient hours of sleep for our physical and mental well-being.
Hepatitis is caused by a virus which attacks the liver and bring about various dangerous type of changes in general health.
Typhoid a water borne infectious disease is one of the dangerous type of fever which can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated on time.
Countries like India and Africa are vulnerable to the dreaded disease called malaria especially during monsoon and winter season and if not detected early can prove fatal.
The lotus signifies many qualities according to Hindu philosophy like purity, wisdom, character and auspiciousness.
Among Hindu religion there are various sects like Brahma Kumari, Lingayat,etc. Arya Samaj is not exactly a sect but a set of beliefs which it's followers have to agree and observe.
Dance as a form of entertainment is liked by all. In Mumbai the dance bar culture which took off as a form of entertainment soon turned into prostitution racket which was disliked by the middle class society and fought for it's closure.
In India mostly wheat and rice is considered as a staple diet. Rajgira is normally eaten during fasting seasons. But, very few of us perhaps know how healthy it is for us.
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