Ankit Mahapatra

Ankit Mahapatra
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I am young enthusiast writer who loves to read and write on various topics.
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Recent pages by Ankit Mahapatra

This page is about knowing the gender of God. To know whether God is a male or a female and why is there a discrimination among the two.
This article is all about a leader. This article summarizes the importance of a leader and the various roles that a leader plays in a group.
This poetry is about the current scenario of the world and how we can contribute to this world to make it a better place to live in.
This is a short experience which I wanted to share.This article is all about how I felt after meeting with my old friends after a long time.
This page is all about the never giving up attitude. The page tries to bring about a never giving attitude in the mind of the readers. The page shows the readers why one should never give up.
This article is all about the mystery of human life. The article highlights some key points through which life can be made special and a memorable one.
This page is all about death. It gives a new meaning to the term 'death.' It changes the reader's view point about death and tells that death is type of celebration
This poetry is a tribute to my true and close friends.Friends play an important role in everyone's life and are truly the treasures of one's life.
This is my first poetry dedicated to my mother which I had written in 2012.
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