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Nature-lover, free-lance consultant, environmental activist.
I have many interests, which include travel, health, Eastern philosophies, astrology.
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Recent pages by Zola

Life is not easy. Nor straightforward. Still, there is so much to be grateful for. Why, then, do people moan so much?
Is GM food a great idea that will help solve the problem of world hunger or the biggest lie that some powerful organizations are trying to sell us?
Tons of waste we create annually, much of which is toxic, has to be disposed of somehow. The number of waste incinerators is increasing rapidly, and these toxic-waste plants nearly always end up in poor neighbourhoods.
Moving into another country can be the most thrilling or the most traumatic experience of your life. But, emigration is not for everyone. You have to know what you want and be honest with yourself.
Are there people in your environment who constantly demand your time and attention and whom you, often without realizing why, try to avoid? Do you often feel physically and emotionally drained after being with certain people? If you do, you've probably had the pleasure of meeting an e...
No one is born happy. You have to attract happiness into your life. And once it's there, you have to nurture it like a delicate flower, to make it last longer.
We proudly accept new clean energies, because we want to live in a clean environment, not realising, or not wanting to see, that some of the "green" energies are only accelerating the disappearance of species already on the brink of extinction.
A place where myths turn out to be facts, where sacred places dot the country and where towns look like live-in museums. Having mystical experiences is dead easy in a country like Nepal.
Times are changing. Create a garden that sustains itself and give a little extra space for nature. Adopt these "green" garden ideas.
Sick of GM food scare, "dead" pre-packed food from the supermarket, low energy? With a little bit of effort and planning you could be eating healthy, fresh and tasty food.
Visiting Nepal is not only fun, it's inspirational. Want to know why? Read on.
Ever wondered if what you see in your astrological chart may actually come true? Or, if you want one thing, but the chart guides you into a different direction, what should you rely on - your own free will, or your destiny? Here's a brief explanation of what astrology is and how it w...
If you love mountains, history and stunning views, you should visit northern India. With the Himalayas always in the background and the sun always shining, you'll be forgiven for never wanting to leave.
Want to take your pet overseas? Plan carefully, but be prepared for anything. Expect the unexpected.
We all know that stress kills. But, why do some people cope better than others? Find out how you could easily start reducing your stress levels.
Some spots in the world are special. When you visit them, you find an atmosphere which is outside of time
Everyone deserves a holiday of a lifetime. Mine was a trip to India.
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