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I am a former music minister of over a little over a decade. I love writing, reading, sports, music, and the arts.
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It goes beyond the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Now-a-days, the question is what is more important, playing college football or getting an education. Are head football coaches (Steve Spurrier) so naive, or better yet, arrogant enough, to think that providing...
It seems that our elected officials have forgotten what their sworn duty is; to provide a defense for our freedoms and to ensure the welfare of the people. But today, our politicians are playing God. It does not matter the party affiliation, they are all stone-walling different legi...
"Stand still and see the salvation of God." In this modern day that we are living, when problems befuddle us, and we can not seem to find the answers to our complex questions, it would serve us well to learn to stand still, and wait for God to move for His people.
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