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FUN-LOVING,SPORTY N TRUTHFUL :D - my articles will be based on real-life,sports and maybe some humourous articles :D
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In this world exists many religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more…… Different people believe in different religions. We have seen many past religious riots where people fight in the name of religion. They even force others to change their religion. My heart crie...
There is a huge need of a fuel which can substitute petrol in the coming years.Also the newer source should be eco-friendly as environment is our new concern.So the research works are going on different parts of the world to find alternative of petrol.One of the alternative suggested ...
With a growing popularity FACEBOOK is reaching to new heights everyday.With the help of stats , facebook is amongst the most successful companies the world had ever had.I do agree its successful financially,also its very popular and people loves the website.But i doubt that it is a su...
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