Lorna Darden

Lorna Darden
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Lorna is a freelance writer who has a strong interest and some knowledge in health topics. Lorna writes and shares informative content to broaden her skills on becoming an advanced writer. On occasion she loves to write poetry.

Lorna has knowledge in computers and is enrolled in school for information technology. In her spare time she writes and share knowledge all over the web.

Born and raised in Illinois in 1976. She successfully completed high school and moved on to have a beautiful family of three children and a husband.

Lorna published an article in the OTC Magazine in August 2011 on hair care
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Eating gum supposedly increases blood flow to the brain. Increased heart rate improves oxygen to the brain, which then enhances cognitive powers
Of course, the healthiest diet in the world is not based by Americans. We eat excessively many fried foods and make poor choices when it comes to our diet.
This is a safe all natural health product that you can easily mix in any meal. It also helps control appetite, provide you with healthy and clearer skin. It does so much it is just about the most perfect super-food out their on the market.
There are many things that can cause pimples to surface. With just a few methods you could end your skin problem.
Amazingly you can regain your youth, restore your stamina, lose weight, gain lean muscle mass and more by doing one thing.
No matter what the claims are about a wrinkle cream, you need to know the structure of it. People are inundated with creams and serums that promise to fill lines, even spots, and to bring back that gorgeous and much smoother skin you once had when you were younger.
No matter what the case may be, you do not have to be fat to have too much belly fat. It does not matter what size you wear, you don’t have to see the belly fat for it to affect your health and appearance. There are two types of stomach fat: one that you can see and one that lies wi...
There are many ways to eat peanut butter. Many love its nutty taste, but peanuts are not nuts at all, they are legumes. According to the American Peanut Council, peanut counts for about half of all edible uses for peanuts in the USA.
The colon provides the body with energy; if it is not healthy then it can cause health problems such as a weak immune system, lack of energy and gastrointestinal issues.
Constipation affects the body negatively, especially if it is prolonged. The build up of feces in the intestinal tract accumulates harmful toxins in the body, which in return unleashes bad side effects on the inside and outside of the body.
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