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Published novelist of ten books, dozens of short stories, and hundreds of articles. Will focus on health which has many areas, and on parenting.
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Recent pages by RaydaJ

Ways to improve memory and brain function in people with Parkinson's
Learning how to be more generous by giving without question to beggars in the street
Realizing a childhood dream of becoming a writer and then years later win the Sunday Times Literary Prize.
Trying to determine if writing articles for the internet is a waste of time
Trying to understand the tribal laws that makes it all right to have sex at the age of ten and have a baby
How to step out of the box and reinvent yourself after a failed relationship
Discovering how to nurture the soul by learning the virtues of life
Learning more about the power of the brain to understand brain function
Understanding the logic of staying with your partner when you have been married for as long as thirty years
Determining whether your son uses drugs and getting him help
Experiencing and enjoying the experience of an au pair in your house
Teaching children with love and respect and raising them as good human beings
Determining the importance and significance of culture and faith
Helping your teenage daughter make the right decision for herself and her baby
Doing all you can to produce a great brochure to sell your property
Saving on real estate commissions by successfully selling your house
The underhanded tactics some women resort to when dating
Determining God's purpose for you and whether you are on the right track
Exploring the reasons behind polygamy and how it affords marital protection to some women
Editing a novel using the best internet tools and thinking
Do something when you see a crime committed against a child
Encouraging children to always tell the truth and let them know that you mean what you say
How to go about finding the right house to flip to make some nice money
Determining what happens to our soul after we have passed on
A well designed brochure with great visuals will make a huge difference in sales
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