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Success in life has a lot to do with how we use the limited time available to us. And mastering the technique of time management is what this article will help you achieve and practice everyday of your life.
There is so much choice nowadays regarding the food we eat. So it is very essential for pregnant women to know what food is right to eat and what to avoid. This article gives some useful tips to help them make an informed decision on foods during pregnancy.
Reading has become an integral part of our daily activities. We read the newspaper first thing in the morning, read a lot at our workplace or educational institution, if we are still studying. We can save a lot of time and energy if we can speed up our reading process. And this articl...
Making a success of an interview depends on how prepared we are in knowing about the organization and the criteria they employ in choosing a candidate. As more and more qualified candidates are churned out every year from educational institutions, the prospect of getting a job is that...
Having been a schizophrenic for a long time, I had to master the art of overcoming panic attacks for my daily survival. This article is a summary of the tools I used to overcome this irritant. I hope that you too will benefit from the information I had provided in this article.
Negotiations regarding your salary during the end of a successful interview session could be an embarrassing moment not only for the interviewee but also for the prospective employer.Most job seekers are lost for words when the interviewer makes an offer that is either acceptable or u...
There seems to be no end to the debate on Masturbation, which is as normal an activity as eating daily. This article is intended to throw light on the frequency of healthy masturbation and the ensuing benefits.
We are applying for jobs most of our working life and that too in a very competitive environment. Hence it is crucial that we stay a step ahead of our competitors, and the importance of crafting a perfect CV cannot be overemphasized. To make a winning impact with your CV, there are ce...
This article suggests some sure and enjoyable ways to add years to your life.
Having seen debt play havoc with many a family in my childhood days, I thought it would be an eye-opener for those still lured by this silent killer.
Rag Pickers lead an unenviable life.This poem is about one such soul as he goes about his daily chore.
This poem is a reflection on my life as a kid. Life wasn't easy in those days but I had the hand of God protecting me always.
We feel tired many a time.But do we know the real reason behind it.The brain is such a wonderful organ that can keep working all day and yet it doesn't get tired.Then where lies the answer ?
Most of us complain about lack of time to do our daily activities.This article will help you to get one extra hour every day of your life.
'The Ragpicker' is a poem about a young boy who makes a living out of rag picking.Though his life is pitiable,he is resilient and confident that one day he will be a part of the dignified society.
This poem is about a person who is a schizophrenic and wants to avoid contact with other human beings,out of fear.
Shrinking penis is a psychological disorder associated with witchcraft or guilt,stemming from false notions about masturbation.
Being unmarried,the 'son' in this poem refers to my nephew who is dear to me.Doing my bit to help him pull up his socks in Life !
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