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I'm a 22 year old mother of one. I enjoy writing poetry in my spare time.
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A letter I wrote to my ex when I was finishing with him. I think he got the message anyway as he moved out the next day. Its more of a letter/poem.
You love someone so much it hurts. You try everything in your power to forget them but it isn't that easy. Everything still reminds you of them.
A poem about a young woman who was abused as a child by many different people. She didn't have the courage to stand up to them and eventually the guilt became to much for her. She commited suicide.
Sometimes it feels like there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done, and people have such high expectations of you, but you never feel good enough. This poem reflects how I was feeling at the time.
A poem I wrote after I had my heart broken. Its about how I was feeling at the time and that I believed god would help heal my heartbreak.
A poem I wrote about hurting the one you love. You get someone who'll stand by you no matter what but you end up taking all your anger and resentment out on them.
A poem about being in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful and lies to you. They are always putting you down and controlling you, and keeping you isolated from family and friends.
A poem I wrote about being addicted to heroin and how it feels but also how it can ruin your life and your looks. My advice to anyone who is taking drugs is to stop now before it's to late and my advice for anyone who's thinking about taking drugs is to stop and think it through.
A poem I wrote when someone I loved was unfaithful to me. It truly felt like a bullet had been shot through my heart. I gave them another chance and they ripped my heart to pieces a second time. I made sure there wasn't a third!
A poem about not feeling quite like yourself but not knowing exactly what's wrong. You let all your past demons catch up with you, you feel like a different person and then you look in the mirror and you see you...
A poem I wrote when I was going through a bad patch in my life. I felt totally worthless and felt like I was never good enough, and instead of self-harming I wrote this poem.
I think everyone has been in a situation at some point in their lives where they feel like everything is out of their control. No matter how hard they try, they can't find a way out and nothing to grab on to.
A poem I wrote about love at the beginning of a relationship and how it heads towards the end. I based this poem on a bunch of flowers I received from a now ex partner and as the flowers slowly died, so did our love.
A poem I wrote to someone telling them I love them and that all I wanted to hear is that they love me to. Even though I know they never will, I will never give up hope that I'll hear them say it back. I Love You Too...
A poem I wrote when I was a teenager, it is about a time when I was self-harming quite a lot and thought it was my only best friend.
A poem I wrote about the pain of loving someone every second of everyday and knowing that their heart belongs to someone else and that they will probably never love you back.
A poem I wrote when I was very depressed. I thought because I was suffering not only in life but in my dreams also, that I would make the world feel my pain and suffering, even if at the time it was just a sick fantasy. Glad to say I'm past that awful stage of my life though.
A poem about breaking up with someone who lied and cheated but you still love and miss them no matter what heartbreak they put you through.
This is a poem I wrote after I had my heart broken by someone I loved and trusted more than anything.
A poem about someone I was to afraid to give my heart to, but after finally realising he was the one for me, I gave him the key to my soul.
A poem I wrote when I was feeling quite depressed and couldn't see a way out of the darkness that had surrounded me.
Giving birth and bringing a new life into the world is the most amazing experience ever. This is a poem about the feelings I got when I gave birth to my son.
A poem about someone who abused my trust when I was a young child yet I can't seem to let them go.
Poem about loving someone you know doesn't love you back, but you'll let them break your heart as you can't be without them.
A love letter/poem I wrote to someone to tell them how I feel. It's a poem about my first love and so far my only true love.
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