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you make me feel
like a living doll
the way you wink
and sink
right into my
your breath
has kept me wanting more
and now your
making appearances
in the middle of a nightmare
you ride on a silver horse
and rescue me
from a terrible troll
creeping behind an old willow
you huff and you puff
blow my fears away
you swoon
by the light of the full moon
you make me feel like a living doll
so i will sit and wait for you to call
cause you make me feel like a living doll........By Debby Frank Glennon
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I wrote this as a present to my beautiful daughter -- my pride and joy.. I f you have a wonderful daughter this may make you cry....enjoy.....
If I had one dream left to conquer before my death -- this would be my ultimate dream!!!
personally written to take love where love is never forbidden -- i did try to be as discreet as possible while enlightening some yearning this when you are both in bed..... or getting into bed --
Rode right past a dead skunk yesterday-- wooo weee-- what a smell-- went up my nose --I must have sneezed straight through for like an hour -- can't get the phrase -- dead skunk in the middle of the road out of my mind -- so hopefully this will get it out so i can get something much b...
My personal message to all those who are apt to create friction and voice their despise, to me and other americans for our victory. Say what ever you may but i will always as many americans applaud this missions success..........
This is my rebuttal of all unhappy people that Bin Laden did not get a trial, and was shot up and dropped in the oceans waters! I don't really care if you think it was unfair! No one callled the United States and said they we're crashing into the Twin towers Get the hell out!!!
I always thought i would like to read my poems out loud -- , but this one I would never get through without my eyes watering or a lump in my throat......but I hope you do too.
I wrote this to try to unconfuse my human mind of death is suppose to be an element of which we cry, and cry for Osama Bin Laden I do not -- in fact to be happy so happy for anyone that has passed-- is so not in my class............
this is my small contribution to our country and fellowman and to thank and show my appreciation of our military .........please read with delight...
This writing took place a few weeks ago--I assumed it being mediocre in my way of writing but still in all it does deserve to be in with my works.... I have a few others on line -- waiting for the right time.... to finish them up.... so enjoy.....
Ah!! Picasso - a mystery to us all -- his we're masterpieces and kept in museums--could he have been half blind?? To paint in such a way?? I often wonder how would I write all these wonderful portraits and how would I go on without the gift to see?? A neighbor just had cataract lazer ...
Sometimes love isn't always reciprocated, and the feeling forlorn -- is oh remembered in the back of my mind where I keep it -- but the results of another brought the feeling to the top of my list-- and when quoting this aloud my husband was saddened i felt that way-- it is funny-- ...
Just to let everyone know I was pinned with my back to the wall, to prove my status as a poet and asked to rhyme a word that Slim Shady remarked there is none ! Of course it took me a few days to figure one out -- which is highly unusual but I did it so read on and find the word I rhy...
Come dream with me of my fantasy to speak into your eyes and leave your ears for listening to sounds of my mind so I may tell you of treasures through-out this rhyme......
I wrote this dedicating it to a friend .. and it seem to have taken off to many friends-- I didn't realize i had so many differences, but it is indeed true for many of us-- so yes you may read this and say you we're my true inspiration... I applaud my friends for bringing this write ...
oh to look into my mind this will give you a sneak peek into a world i drift too often .. To come up with all my craziness so you can feast your eyes and spirits on a work of artistry.
If your ready to fall into my world of words-- I'll leave my knight without a sword so never worry til your done with this story.......
Just got done writing this one was on the back burner for about a week-- cause when i write i like to complete my work but i had gotten interrupted -- and was trying to get into the same mood i was in when i started it --didnt happen but came out pretty good anyway at least in my o...
This is dedicated to my uncle Danny-- who not only had cerebral palsy but also had other various defects and wasnt suppose to live past five -- lived till 68 and always had a date with Santa at the elks christmas party for children in his 68 is his Birthday-- i wrote thi...
This is a tear jerker for the one that gets left behind -- it's like somethings in the air and you cant pinpoint it cause you dont want to believe it -- but yet if it is over then hey tell me
I wrote this for others to know that God is also their best friend --- he is there in sorrow and in celebration-- and never ever refuses to listen to our minds and souls and hearts speak....who is your real best friend???
She's Gone Off Her Rocker... this is one i have been playing with for a few days, what inspires me on this is sometimes the things -- not that we think -- but that of which we write and i say to myself -- well she done went off her rocker --- believe it or not i say it about my self ...
If your in the mood for a broken romance, and a little rhyming time--- then be sure to have a feast on this little tear jerker --- hope you enjoy!!!
written just today the ups and downs of poetry-- all poems are good -- just depends on whose reading them and how they comprehend them -- so keep on reading so i can keep on writing....
Hope youse enjoy this one -- had a great time writing it -- please leave your comments-- i love the recognition...I'm your diamond....not just a love it -- <3 debby
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