J Diggins

J Diggins
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I have traveled a fair bit in my time and have many thoughts and opinions on many matters of life, everyone has had good and bad experiences and I would like to share mine with the world.
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Who is the man in the mirror? And how do you know when you are not looking through a mirror? The deeper you look, the further you fall into the vortex...
Dive into the psyche of a man in conflict with himself and the events that surround him as he discovers the truth about the demon that resides within.
If time travel were possible could we really change the past?
The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada
Love is difficult and sometimes you just have to write what you feel in order to keep your sanity.
To rebuild a colony in an apocalyptic scenario it is important to understand the importance of politics.
Sometimes it feels like something is watching you or following you in the darkness.
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