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I'm a student and I love writing and reading interesting stuff.
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I believe there are lots of people trying to earn money on wikinut but failing or earning very low which makes them not satisfied. That is only because they do not know the actual way of how wikinut works and how to write the proper way so they could earn a lot. If proper ways are use...
Many people want to lose their weight fast enough. But Did you know that rapid losing weight can cause many problems with your skin? Like loss of muscle, saggy skin, loss of reserved energy, acnes and many more problems like this. You should be aware of these great problems while tryi...
Handwashing is undoubtedly a very important habit to stay hale and hearty. It not only helps preventing germs and bacterias but also helps to keep a healthy life free from diseases.
So, Assassin's Creed fans! You've already played AC:III right? Assassin's Creed is a type of game that will make you want to play another after one! As you already know there is going to be another one of this franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Blag Flag. Well, I've collected some aweso...
The most terrifying reptile that made T-rex look like a baby at them. Read more to know more.
Does your hair stylist know what style you want? Does she understand you, the style you want? Or Do you end up by having the worst hair-cut and going back to home? If so then this might help you to get the best one you want!
This is funny and scary! Imagine you are gonna climb up to upper floor using Elevator for fast and safe route. Well, while in the elevator alone, suddenly you see the lights gone. Then when light comes back, you see a little girl standing in front of you with her doll, looking straigh...
Water usually doesn't have color. It normally looks kinda blueish because of the blue sky above. Well, there are lots of mysteries around the world. Water isn't pink..It can't be pink if we normally think about it. But in Australia, there is a pink lake...Read more.
Hello there, iPhone fans...Good news for ya.. Apple is going to release iPhone 6 with awesome features in 2014! Read to know even more about it's features and stuff!
Many hates spiders however I believe they are artist. Because they can create amazing webs impossible for human! Just check out this pictures!
So, we are all familiar with FACEBOOK from every corner of the world. We are using it every now and then. Well, do we know how it was created? The history of Facebook…
If you roam through the internet with the question "How to get free facebook credits?"…You’ll be showed lots of ways. But most of them are either Scam or will ask you to buy something from them. I will show you the best way to get free facebook credits FREE, without spending a cen...
Everyone loves watching movies as it is a great way to entertain ourselves. Well, it's not free to watch movies. If you want to watch movies online, many websites will offer you "Watch Online" option. But you'll have to pay them. But here I am with a great way to watch movies totally ...
It is a 1 to 10 rank. of the best mobile company till now!
Internet Download Manager(IDM) is one of the best download accelator in the web. It turns your download speed to higher. But unfortunately, IDM is not free in their official website. It gives a 30 days free trial. After trail finishes it stops magnetting downloads and ask for seriel k...
UFO was seen in some places in last year 2011. I'm telling you where!
Triond is another site just like wikinut. You write and you get views and simply you earn money! I made some tips for ya!
I got some tips that might help you remember things that you forget so often. So please take a look!
iPhone, most expensive touch screen mobile series... The last mobile of this series released by apple was iPhone 4s. So next one's going to be iPhone 5 fo sure. I've wrote here about the release date!
"God makes man, clothes make gentle-man", according to that you must dressed well when going to important places. It is very much required to dress well for an interview to succeed. I've posted some tips about how you should be dressed!
Alan wake is a kind of a game you never played before, never experienced before. It has totally different taste. You are gonna love it the game. Read my review before buying and playing it.
You do have a hobby. You do like to work on your hobby at your leisure time. Well, how about earning from hobby when doing exactly you do already for your hobby? Read here....
Children easily get bored while a long journey. If you don't want to see them feeling bored, read my tips that might help you kick out their boredom when traveling to somewhere long.
A new nokia phone with strange camera. You gotta believe me, its 41 megapixels called Pureview 808!!
Narnia is cool. I love watching Narnia series. I'm waiting for it to release but unfortunately it won't be soon(the next one)
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