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Sophia Thesson
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I enjoy sharing my insight and interest in various topics, including my professional knowledge of psychology and education.
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Getting a good nights sleep is becoming a major dilemma and there is a growing demand for natural remedies to avoid taking prescribed medication. Although, sleeping pills are effective, there is a risk of becoming dependant on such powerful drug to induce sleep. So, it does not come a...
Yearly, millions of people, mostly women suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI’s or colloquially known as bladder infections). Statistically, nearly 90% of infections, are caused by the naturally occurring bacteria E.Coli in the GI tract. The normal treatment is antibiotics. How...
Education is a crucial part of a child's upbringing, not to mention, the basis for a successful future in an ever changing digital world. With the ailing image of state schools, due to lack of funding, it is not surprising that parents choose costly private schools to ensure their chi...
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! - Sound familiar? Yes, a balanced diet that includes a good amount of fruits, is definitely the way to good health. Nonetheless, many people do not know how important Vitamin C is to support the functioning of our metabolism. You could say that V...
Is the internet making us addicted to trivia and ruining our ability to read and learn in a concentrated manner? One argument that the internet is changing our reading skills, or in other words willingness to read. In a nutshell is the internet and our obsession with social networking...
Your wedding make-up has to be perfect and show you off beautifully! More importantly make the love of your life feel utterly proud and dazzled by your beauty.
Christmas Gifts are special and you only want the best for your little girl or special lady! Here are some ideas to put that timeless smile on your girls face on Christmas Day.
Supporting your child or adolescent through an experience of bullying is not easy. The best way to approach such a difficult situation is to consider and take the appropriate steps to support your child. Then seek support from your child's school, and if necessary ask a parent support...
Children need to find their passion in order to fulfill their full potential and contribute confidently to their society. Thus, empowering children to find their passion is key to strengthening their self-confidence.
The joy of reading is developed early and reading is key to a child's early development. Although, we live in a digital world, cognitive skill of reading is an innate need that cannot be replaced or hurt by the internet. Children still has to read a book even if its on a kindle or ipa...
Friendship is a life-long journey that starts with two people accepting each other for who they are without judgement, but respect and love.
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we have to deal with in life. Having some understanding of how to cope with loss goes a long way to ease the burden.
Chile is renowned as a wine making region to mach the traditional French wine region.
Rollo May was a renowned psychologist and the author of bestsellers like Love and Will, Man's Search for Himself, Power and Innocence and The Courage to Create
As a way of self-exploration some may have the aspiration to draw our self-portrait. Drawing a self-portrait is a very personal experience that requires technique and an attitude of self-acceptance. Just give it a go!
London, is the most exciting location in Europe, for a city break or holiday. It never ceases to excite the romantic, the thrill seeker or the backpacker exploring all European cities. By the way London often remains their favorite.
Opening your heart to love after history of disappointments is not easy, but there is a way to let down your guard and invite love and an intimate relationship into your life again.
Hypnotherapy is an age old technique that is used in various medical fields successfully. The history of hypnotherapy gives us an idea of how its benefits were unveiled, and adopted as a technique in the medical and psychotherapeutic disciplines.
Getting dressed for a night out is exciting but the one thing that is a bit of dread is how to get through the night on your killer high heels.
Romance fuels a long-term relationship, and increases intimacy and love.
There is a growing concern of an increase in narcissistic personality traits amongst today's youth. This may be the case, but we must still ask ourselves how this has come about and what does this mean?
Art is known as a long-term investment, though there have been cases when investors have yielded profit in a short space of time. A good art investor has an eye for trends, loves art and has a hunch for up and coming artists.
London is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse mixture of people from different cultures that defines the unique culture of a vibrant city like London.
Where have our manner gone? Unfortunately, teenagers seem to get the blame for a growing epidemic and fear of exercising courtesy towards one another in society.
Japanese scientists have linked smooching and chocolate in the fight against gum disease. How tempting is that thought?
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