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Laurie Childree
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I'm the single mother of an autistic child a published author. I have a wide range of topics that interest me including personal finance, writing, self employment and creative writing.
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Snow can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. When you live in an apartment that doesn't allow washing machines it can be tricky to stay in and stay warm while it's on the ground.
I walk almost everywhere and as the weather gets colder I find myself in need of defense from illness.
Today has been rainy and I've been stuck inside as the outside temperatures dropped.
People will come and go, some are only in our lives for a little while. It is normal to argue, and sometimes we forget ourselves hurting those we love. It is important to admit when we are wrong, and make every effort to treat our friends the way we want them to treat us.
In recent months, finances have led to actively reducing the utility bills in order to see savings and pay other rising expenses. The changes are taking some time to adjust to but so far it's working.
As a child holidays were a family affair with everyone gathered around my grandparents' table. They were a time of anticipation and hope. Now they are a time for just the two of us (my daughter and I) to connect.
As hard as I have tried to adjust my daughter to not having a routine to allow things to be done at the spur of the moment I have found that we have a routine we never realized.
Circumstances would have me walking virtually everywhere I go since I sold my vehicle and do not have anyone here that I can consistently rely on. It was difficult at first, but now I am noticing benefits I didn't realize back when I would walk miles each day.
Sometimes you meet your soul mate and life becomes incredible.
In examining my personal debt, I have concluded that paying off a charge account that I do not need is the first step in relieving some stress.
2015 is coming to a close very soon, and it has been interesting so far. The time I've had to think lately had my mind wandering to some strange places.
The rains have stopped by feelings of blah have not. The sun is shining in through my window and hopefully my plants will dry out, but my mood is not improving.
I have a great deal of stress, at times it interferes with my daily life. I feel as dreary as the rains that kept me inside the last week.
I am currently learning to cope with being in a long distance relationship. What have learned is worth remembering.
I am once again a divorced mother. I have recently begun dating a man seriously. I am fearful of my daughter's reaction as our dynamic is different with a handicapped child.
Recently I have found myself in debt once again. I have a plan to get out of it. In theory my plan should work, I'll find out for sure as I put it into practice.
I discovered that I can go more than twelve hours without a cigarette when the need arises, but past that I am at a loss. Much of that time involves excessive sleeping. It is time to correct that and I have a plan.
Sometimes reading about the past brings the present into focus. We have to be strong as we find ourselves repeating past mistakes.
It's Sunday morning, and I'm up early after not sleeping much last night. I'll be napping today.
Some days it's as if the world is trying to test you and everything that you believe in. These are the days that you want to scream to the heavens, instead I opted to write them a letter.
Today has been peaceful, despite getting caught in the rain for a few minutes. My morning didn't start as early as it has been starting and that makes me happy.
Until now I had only lived in one other apartment, a two bedroom with my mother. Now I live in a one bedroom with my youngest child and it has taken some getting used to; I am still getting used to it.
In the last two years I had begun noticing steady weight gain. I found that my new lifestyle was putting the weight on but with a few minor changes it began slowly coming off.
My morning began at 3:30 a.m. and I have plans for the day. I have plans to accomplish today, among them occupying my mind so that I don't spend excess time wasting time.
Utilities are an unavoidable expense. There are ways to keep the bills under control and save money in the process.
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