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Avid world traveller. I love writing about my adventures, fine arts, sports, everything really. Currently living in New Zealand!
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Quick and easy Hollandaise sauce. I use the microwave so sshhhhhh it's a secret but it works every time!
'Round the World Part 3. The Himalayas get their own "Part". We did the Annapurna circuit and it was AMAZING. Wow. Can't wait to go back to Nepal!
(Part 2) Quit our jobs, sold everything, began travelling east and keep travelling east!
No one knows where Kamloops is! Maybe I shouldn't tell you because secretly us Kamloopsians would like to keep "the loops" under wraps - our hidden gem - but if you happen to drive through or just moved to Kamloops to go to University, this is what I love about the city I call home an...
Hi there, I'm Brenda from Canada "eh". This one's aboot accents.
True story about two 30 something backpackers travelling around the world the long way around. Quit their jobs, sold all of their possessions, said good bye to their friends and family and early one morning got into a beat up old van and started driving east.
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