Vibhor Agarwal

Vibhor Agarwal
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For me writing is all about expression, like any other art I can express myself better and accomplish my creative pursuits
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Recent pages by Vibhor Agarwal

Discussion about types of security and and the related insecurity with it.
It is a story of a single day in the life of a child labour Abdul and what he and his friend goes through that day.
It is a poem for search of hope in the surrounding darkness
A father try to teach his daughter by fulfilling a wish. Every time she counts a certain number of stars..
I visited my old school after many years and it deals with my attachment to my school.
this is the 2nd part of the 3 part adventure of finding the fabled medicinal plant Sanjeevani,they embark on a journey to Sri Lanka...
It is an adventure tale where a group goes on a quest to search for the mythical plant fabled to provide immortality and even has the power to resurrect the dead. The story is in two parts. I may ask the readers to help me with their views.
It is a story of Shubham who cheats his friend for drugs.
The protagonist and his companions find themselves lost in the middle of the desert only to be saved by a group of village girls. soon the protagonist find himself in love with one of the girls who he promised to take her with him but when he returns there awaits a tragic turn of even...
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