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Toronto real estate professional with 27 years of experience
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Home Buying Guide for Single Women giving five useful tips.
Air pollution - describing the situation, the world's biggest offenders and such.
Moving into a joint house, how to do it? I'm don't mean the actual selling of your existing homes or ending of a rental agreement. This time I want to look at how you can put everything you both own in a single property.
Most people make resolutions related to themselves personally, such as: I will stop smoking/ I will be nicer/ I will start exercising and so on. What most of us don't think about is the place we live and making the resolutions surrounding it. Why not consider a few of house related Ne...
Will you even look at selling your property at this time of year? Well, you will probably be shocked to hear, that there are individuals who want to sell their homes before or during the holiday period.
Feng Shui began in Chinese astronomy and it was used to orient buildings with heaven and earth, in todays society it is more about balancing heaven and earth in our homes to foster positive qi
Are you tired of the dirty streets and littered parking lots? You are the one who can change it!
More generations, one home. We see it still more scarcely in Canada, but still, such option exists. What does it mean for you, to share one roof with your kids and parents?
Social networks are a must for a modern marketer. Blogging, tweeting and the networking creates or kills business opportunities.
Selling your home is no fun. Or...? There is a way how to make everything easy and stress-less.
Female homeowners are not as rare as they used to be, you may have noticed that. Does it bring any difference to the real estate industry?
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