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I Write to motivate others by making them feels as if they where inside the words.
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Men when you have a good woman hold on to her she can make you a better man
When you set goals follow through with them and they can make some of the best times or even bring about more challenges.
To be bilingual+ means a whole new perspective on the world around you
No matter who you are, what you are regardless of sexuality, race, gender we all are important in this world and Have a purpose. What's yours?
Never Give up on yourself because the Best is yet to come. This is a really Motivational Poem
Don't think just because your problems are bigger than you that you cannot overcome. You have to understand size does not matter when you are determined to make it through,
Enjoy a tale of happiness with two people trapped in each others love and comfort.
A poem of how being in love can tug on the heart and the mind which will you choose?
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