Naca Murray

Naca Murray
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Loves Poetry.... And writting lyrics
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Cyclone Winston has passed and Fiji started to rebuild again. The people in Fiji still have the painful memories of the wind.
One day Truth walks around naked and he accidently meet Lies. While they talk Lies ask truth to wear him. At the end of the day Truth wear Lies to cover him up. But no matter how hard Lies try to hide Truth..Truth always always reveal it self.
The strongest Category 5wind in the Southern Hemisphere and will be recorded in History and will always in the memories of most Fijian Cyclone Winston strikes Fiji Island leaving thousand of people homeless.
Poems about love at first sight. Being in love at first sight is so special. Sometimes we not realize that the person we fall for at first sight becomes our soul mate.
About situation a child in a broken family in all communities who's parents always fight.
The poem elaborate my current situation after breaking up with my fiancee. It states my feelings and compare mylife to a lost soul.
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