La Modestie

La Modestie
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Poetry is an imagination of a feeling shared, what the world feels within of what you imagine.
Poetry is my time machine, I use words to feel my memories, step over the walls, scratch out th
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Sometimes the world changes, it is unnoticed to the real senses, unless you are creative. this piece has been revealed the secret behind the windows, or the deadlock, plz enjoy
You may think last time it's not tangible, you may also think that it was only one time, but i guarantee you if you dare to read last time every day, it shall be eternal, or all time. It was always a pleasure for me to write because i knew that i could change the future, but i finally...
This page contains one of my favorites poem, " shadow behind a curtain". A picture have called forth a pure sensation whitin my guts, and i've well spitted it out by writting this beautyful piece, please enjoy it and comment it too, according to your true desires.
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