Nadia Zahar

Nadia Zahar
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I'm a 32 years old, single mother, awfuly shy, terribly neurotic and very friendly at least on my online persona :P

I believe in the most outrageous lies ever told, love, romance, pink ponies ^-^
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How do you experience social media? Is is a great part of your life or just a time to time habby?
Language is the most amazing technology human kind have developed, it might not be perfect to communicate but it's an amazing way to teach and learn.
When words fail me I draw, my drawings are always an accurate reflection of my heart and always made in a flow of intense sentiments. Also, very self centered.
Have you thought about how things have changed in the last 30 years? As a mom of both teenager and elementary kids, I have state of the art technology, on my face, at every hour, and I remmeber when things were, bigger and definetely not simpler :P
A love poem wrote without love can makes one heart glow, shine and blossom out of it's domant apathy.
To lose a home in real life is one of the most devastating experiences one can go trough, I'm learning now than to lose a home, your home on cyberspace can be equaly devastating and heart breaking. The community I've spend a decade in, is coming to a close and I'm so sad.
Why are women cruel to other women? Why do we have to put down the other all the time? Aren't we supposed to be supportive and gregarius?
Are you clingy? What does it means to be clingy? It's being affectionate and open about your feeling a bad trait?
Where's the realtion between private prperty and women purity? How this relationship goes and how affect our perception of women till today :P
How do you deal with rejection? How much it hurts and why would you take it?
Love is such a powerful emotion, a wonderful feeling, a very complex word to use, this time I want to talk about the one kind of love that never ends, the one and only secret love :)
I've heard a lot of girls complaining about how hard it's to find a man this days, specially for a strong intelligent woman, here a personal story and some tips to get laid easily.
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