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I love poetry, crafts, spending time with friends, helping others with life, reading, playing cards.
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How do you control a craving? How do you know that a craving is real or emotional? Here is what I found.
Just a few things that you need to think about. A reminder for you to know, you are thought of.
Living with a disability is a challenge. But when the disability brings an end to the life of your loved one, no matter how much you do for them, it doesn't seem to be enough.
Something so small can change your world. Turns your life upside down, and you really don't mind. What if things are not perfect?
Grandma needed more care than we could give her. What would you do in this situation when there no more options?
If an unseen wrinkle was put in the fabric of your life, how would you handle it? Now being single again, would you ignore it or see it as a second chance?
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