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I am just starting out as a freelancer.I love reading and thus naturally have the urge to write.My writing focuses on life as I see it with a dash of humour.
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Recent pages by Jahnavi

My article is a humorous look at friendships and sun signs. It looks at compatibility between friends.
My page is about the wonderful and lasting effects of Argan oil on hair.
This article is a short review of Rhonda Riley's brilliant debut -The Enchanted Life Of Adam Hope.A love story that defies all stereotypes and definitions.
This article looks at some simple and easy ways to reuse leftover food items.
My article explores the dilemma of choosing between love and death.There are times when we love someone ,we have to let them go.
A review of Saleema Nawaz's debut novel Bone and Bread.This article is an attempt to analyse the themes of resurrection and renewal.
This article is about my trip to Las Vegas.It talks about the best places to stay,dine and what to explore.
A handbag is a woman's best friend and favourite accesory.My article is about how women can decrease the load in our bags and stay organised.
My article is about the joy of letting go.We can de-clutter our personal space to understand what we truly need.The process can help in finding our true self.
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