Samm J. Bogner

Samm J. Bogner
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I love all things poetry. I have been writing since I was very young. I enjoy the mystical aspects of the Universe and the feelings and moods they convey.
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Recent pages by Samm J. Bogner

These poems will speak of the spectrum of emotions.
This collection of poems are about current events as they relate to spirituality.
My poetry is always a mixture of mood and words for the fun of it.
On this page, I will explore various tips and hints for meditating as a process to get in touch with the metaphysical realm, enhance psychic abilities and explore the inner reaches of the mind.
This page is about the way destiny works in our lives.
This article takes a look at slowing down our lives.
My poetry falls into many categories, but my style is based on rhythm and the sounds of the words themselves.
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