S. C. Weeks

S. C. Weeks
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sometimes we lose or true nature...
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......................Fate is not given to proper timing....................
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Eyes of a Valkyrie<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
------------------------A Promise made and to be kept------------------------------------
---------------------------------- We don't walk away. ------------------------------------
The appearance of the grace of love should be a prized thing.
I am not aware of too many things, but I know what I know.
What was lost cannot be regained, though it is the lie that is lived, but a truth that is known, and must be faced.
Closing my eyes, and sitting in silence allowing myself to be
The memories fade. I have become so estranged, and so the life I had lost cannot be replaced. I am alone, and being consumed by my own shadows.
Please excuse, but the heart is given need to speak…
The world which is seen, and known are not always the same.
Winter's air chills the skin; While the Sun's touch warms. It will be many days till spring.
The wonders found in the natural world are endless.
Winter's air chills the skin; While the Sun's touch warms. It will be many days till spring.
Sometimes doing the right thing is not always pleasant.
Some legends are born from a fire which burns within.
Looking out my window staring into the night sky, and wondering.
A movement out of the corner of the eye, the feeling of being watched while alone, so could it be we are not alone....
...........................And so the hero dies.............................
:) The past holds much to be seen..., My name is Saeloen. :)
Upon entering the void between... When I looked into the abyss… I Began To Shout, Then There Was Silence...
Finding a door way between two worlds,and one man decides to step through.(Simple questions have complicated answers)
Am I looking at my reflection? Or is my reflection looking at me?
Only a dream, yet all too real, but on waking something was brought back.
Winter's Song. All hope seems lost in winter's way,..
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