Dr. Copeland

Dr. Copeland
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Dr. Copeland holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology from Tulane University, specializing in tropical medicine, parasite genetics, and retrotransposons/retroviruses, with postdoctoral research experience in molecular entomology and computational genomics. She has fourteen academic publications, including papers in the "Journal of Virology," "Gene," "Molecular Genetics and Genomics," "Neotropical Entomology," and "BMC Genomics," among others. She also writes popular science articles aimed towards educated readers who are interested in quality content but who do not have the technical background to read original scientific research papers.
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Probiotics, while not as powerful as traditional antimicrobials, can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of parasitic infections, especially when combined with antimicrobials.
Lead poisoning is a serious problem in the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods of New Orleans, where soil lead levels are exceptionally high due to dispersal of lead paint dust during historic renovation. Low-level lead poisoning, known as a "silent epidemic", affects children by lower...
Nitrous oxide analgesia during labor is a mild alternative to the extremes of epidural anaesthesia and completely unmedicated birth.
The mutualistic microbiome: a population of organisms living inside us can be beneficial to our health
Schistosomiasis can be a dangerous, chronic parasitic infection, but prevention and treatment are easy; awareness is key, so read on, adventure travelers...
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